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The Brule River Barn is situated in Brule, WI, a town of 627 residents. The town is small, but it and the surrounding communities offer plenty of accommodations for you and your guests. Whether you enjoy small, live-in vacation cabins, camping on the shores of local lakes and rivers, or the comfort of a hotel, the surrounding area has it all.


The Farmhouse sleeps 11-2 and the Cottage sleeps 2-3. Both of these options are included in our Weekend Wedding package. For all your other guests, though, there are plenty of options in the surrounding area.


Local Businesses

Hotels & Lodges

Campgrounds & Parks


Cabins & Cottages


National Hotels


The Brule River Barn is not affiliated with any of these businesses, and we only list these as a courtesy. This is not a comprehensive list of places to stay in the area. If you are a local business that would like to be included on this page for our guests, please contact us.