Must-Have Details for Your Rustic Wedding (That Don't Involve Burlap)

The rustic wedding theme isn't anything new, but it has staying power for a reason; it's chic, it's timeless, and it's oh-so-romantic. When most couples think about what details they want to incorporate into their homespun wedding, they envision burlap upon burlap — it's the signature rustic wedding fabric, after all! But there are so many other swoon-worthy details to consider. Here are 13 of our favorites ways to up the wow-factor on your big day...

Hop on the handmade sign bandwagon

The best part of going rustic is that slight imperfection is actually the goal. So grab some old pieces of wood and get to work painting warm personal messages, like "welcome to our wedding." It will set the scene for your big day by bringing a little homespun charm to your party.

String lights

A soft, romantic glow is the epitome of a rustic wedding. So whether you opt to set up paper lanterns along the aisle or to drape café string lights around above the porch, having some sort of unique lighting in place will help you achieve that ethereal feeling you're after.

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Pie it up

Serving non-traditional desserts will really up the rusticness of your event. Opt for pies, cookies, dessert squares, or even strawberry shortcake. For added unrefined elegance, go with an artfully unkempt-looking naked cake decorated with local fruits like apples.

Mix up your seating style

One of the best aspects of having a rustic wedding is the freedom to be creative and have all sorts of mismatched items that still tie together perfectly. A great example is with seating! Get different wooden chairs of different colors, or mix benches and hay bales for seating options, this is an opportunity to have fun and be creative!

Unlock the vintage look

Add a bit of old-school glamour to your wedding day with vintage details. Mix and match some vintage keys for your escort cards or napkin holders for a unique and chic look.

Must. Have. Mason. Jars.

Mason jars are to rustic weddings like marshmallows are to hot chocolate; you just can't have one without the other. But our favorite thing about this versitile little container is that you can incorporate them into your big day in about a million different ways, from serving up your signature cocktails to using them as vases for your centerpieces. It doesn't matter how you use them, just make sure you do! Brule River Barn uses mason jars to cover the lighting 

Go au natural for your favors

Let your guests take the rustic feel home with them by giving out tiny potted succulents or herbs such as rosemary or basil. Locally-sourced honey or jam also makes a great gift!

Light up your love

Get beautiful modern LED candles in all different sizes and shapes to place all over your party. You can even place them in mason jars, or get long stemmed one and put them in empty wine bottles. You have plenty of options, and no matter what, you'll have a vintage and rustic vibe going from them!

Love the lace accents

Delicate doily-esque details really up the ante on your rustic affair. Wrap the fabric around your flowers, use it as a table runner or hang your escort cards from the dainty lace.

Wooden elements for days

Use large tree stumps as seating during your ceremony, or put the thinner, smaller cuts to work as table chargers and coasters. They'll help create a woodsy feel for your wedding.

Gorgeous garlands

Capitalize on the natural beauty of wildflowers and vibrant vines to decorate your venue. Create some gorgeous garlands from road-side flowers to take the rustic theme to new heights.

Eclectic frames

Take assorted photo frames of different colors, shapes, and patterns to hang along the walls for an eclectic, vintage vibe. Or, get a couple of large frames and have your guests pose inside of them for a fun and unique photo sesh!

Barrels as tables

There's just something about an old barrel that creates a sense of countrified romance, don't you think? The faded wood and rustic charm make them perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour — just add rose gold votives or some cascading, textured flower arrangements to add a bit of festive flair.

The best part about having your wedding at the Brule River Barn Wedding and Event Center is that rustic chic already permeates the buildings and grounds. From hand-lettered signs to string lights and lanterns, Brule River Barn already includes a number of decorative touches from this list.

Brule River Barn also provides the connections to locally source some of these decorative items. We can provide hay bales for seating (season-dependent) and freshly laundered vintage linens for standing cocktail tables. If you have questions on where to source any other items, please contact us and let us know how we can help make your day special.