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Timeline Help (Updated) and What is a Wedding Weekend Anyway?

Timeline Help (Updated) and What is a Wedding Weekend Anyway?

One of the biggest questions we get from new brides and grooms is "How do weddings usually go at the Barn? Is there a 'normal' timeline?"

Complicating this question is the fact that we offer weekend wedding (and beyond) packages now. As if wedding planning wasn't stressful enough, now you have to figure out what to do with your family and friends for even more time!

We Love Pantone's Colors of the Year

For the first time ever, Pantone has announced two colors of the year, and we're super excited. Both of the colors are relaxing but strong, and work well together to reflect the balance between cool and warm in life.

We love both of these colors together (along with some other pastel tones), but we also love these colors on their own.

With Rose Quartz, we love a rich navy accented with cool whites and soft greens, like succulents or seeded eucalyptus.


With Serenity, we love cream, light gray, and rich, vibrant greens like moss and ferns.


For more ideas on color schemes, check out our Pinterest

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Greener (And Easier)

I’ve seen my fair share of weddings, and based on the number of bouquets, appetizers, and decorations I’ve saved from the trash, I feel like I can say one thing for sure: weddings cause waste. Now, I’m lucky enough to have worked with tons of ethically minded clients, so I’ve been shielded from the worst of it, but I’ve still seen boxes of leftover favors, piles of plastic, and trash bags full of… whatever, at almost every event I’ve been to.

Set up your own wedding website (no computer science degree required)

With the increasing availability of easy webpage-building sites, wedding websites (sometimes called "wed-sites") have become the one-stop shop for gathering RSVPs, answering questions, running wedding party inspiration boards, sharing photos, and even registry lists. The one drawback of having so many options is that it's hard to know where to get started, what to include, or even what services fit your style.

10 Little Annoyances for Guests

10 Little Annoyances for Guests

Your guests are all going to tell you that they had a fantastic, amazing time at your wedding – and for the most part, that’s the truth. However, there are some things that can occur that will be mildly annoying to your nearest and dearest. You probably won’t hear about these issues, but they will affect your guests’ memory of your day. Fortunately, these are mostly things that you can plan for in advance. Here’s a list of 10 wedding missteps that will bug your guests.