May 2017

Event Insurance

Crazy things can happen when a lot of people get together and celebrating, and the last thing we want is for you to worry about liability in the case of an accident. That's why we require that anyone hosting an event at the Brule River Barn have event insurance.

There are a few levels of event insurance, but the one we require is the most basic: liability. This covers you for injury, as well as property damage. For example, if a guest's child climbed into a pond and punctured the bottom, the resulting repair could run into thousands of dollars. Liability insurance could help pay for the repairs rather than having it come out of pocket.

The next level of event insurance protects you against all sorts of unforeseeable situations, like weather, cancellations, and more. Sometimes these options are bundled together, and sometimes they're offered a la carte. If your photographer suddenly closes shop, you'll be covered for the lost deposit and potentially the cost of booking another photographer. If you get ill the day before the event and need to postpone, the additional coverage may help cover fees associated with rescheduling. This level of coverage is not required, and is your choice.

If you or your parents have home owners insurance, you can often get a rider on your existing policy for around $50. Otherwise, there are plenty of websites that offer event insurance, including WedSafe, WedSure, and The Event Helper.

Whatever level you choose, there are a few requirements for your event insurance:

  • Cover the entire time you're on the property (including overnight stays)
  • List the Brule River Barn Wedding & Event Center and Jill & Kirk Clemmer as special insureds
  • Liquor liability is included if you're serving alcohol
  • $1 million coverage limit