Photo by Three Irish Girls Photography

We renovated our barn as a labor of love for our daughter’s wedding in 2012. Its 80 year-old patina is built of nothing less than the devotion, hard work, and tenacity of the Finns that settled our corner of the Wisconsin northwoods. Though we started this business for weddings, we carry on the Finn tradition by working as hard to make your event as special as our daughter’s wedding was.



We’re simple people that love simple things: digging our toes into the dirt in the garden, gliding along the Brule in a canoe, and finding that perfect piece of junk to adorn the mantel. We value drinking coffee with friends or family on a crisp fall morning more than all the luxury vacations in the world. We know that, at the end of the day, all you want to do is enjoy your special event. That’s why we make it easy for you.

Our grounds are full of so much character, the only thing you might need to bring is table décor. Let your guests stroll through our gardens, or admire our painstakingly collected antiques. Spend time admiring the scenery instead of worrying about decoration.

And don't worry; we've made a few modern improvements since the original Finnish settlers built the Barn. There's an open wifi network covering the whole grounds and parking for up to 300 guests. There's also very modern restrooms for all the guests at the Barn that even use sustainable practices, like using rainwater to flush the toilets.



Get just the amount of time you need by renting out the property by the hour. Rental of the property includes:

  • Use of the Barn, Summer Kitchen, Milkhouse, and surrounding grounds

  • Twenty-five (25) eight foot rectangular tables, nine (9) six foot round tables, five (5) thirty inch round standing cocktail tables, and three-hundred (300) white folding chairs

  • Parking for you and all your guests

  • Wood and outdoor seating area for bonfires

  • Use of a number of vintage items, such as washtubs, bins, and cupcake stands



We have many additional a la carte options you can add to your rental to get just what you need. Contact us for the availability of the following items:

  • Cottage and/or House

  • Outdoor heaters

  • Screen for Hayloft



If you've got special needs, let us know and we'd be happy to discuss them.