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Ceremony Information
Ceremony Date
Ceremony Date
Ceremony Time *
Includes all day-of preparations (including wedding party prep and vendor set-up) as well as tear-down
Rehearsal Time *
Rehearsal is the day before the ceremony, unless other arrangements have been made in writing
Property Set-Up
Maximum of 25 8' rectangular tables (seat 8-10) or 9 6' round tables (seat 10)
Maximum of 300 white folding chairs
Head Table Platform Needed *
6" tall white wood platform to slightly elevate head table
Free Extras
Check the box on any of these add-ons included in the price of your wedding
Weddings include 4 hours for rehearsal the day before, 12 hours for set-up and the ceremony & reception the day of, and 3 hours of clean-up the day after (8am - 11am)
Table Set-Up ($2/table) *
Does not include place settings, food, or decorations
Table Take-Down ($2/table) *
Does not include removal and/or disposal of food, dishes, or decorations
Chair Set-Up ($0.50/chair) *
Does not include placing of decorations, favors, or programs
Chair Take-Down ($0.50/chair) *
Does not include clean-up of trash or decorations
Floral-inspired linens from the 1930s and 1940s for the cocktail tables
Hay will be delivered and placed at your ceremony location. Please be aware that bales inside require more cleanup.
Maximum of 4. Heats approximately 100 square feet
Vendor Information
Please enter the name and phone number of each vendor you have so that we can assist in the case of a last-minute emergency on your big day
If you are not using a catering company, include the information for the licensed kitchen in which the food will be prepared
If you are not using a bakery/restaurant, include the information for the licensed kitchen in which the food will be prepared