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We think our place is pretty great (and our clients and guests do, too). Read up on us over at Wedding Wire and Facebook, but beware: we've got over 100 reviews to go through!


For the last 3 years, our clients and guest helped us win the WeddingWire Couple's Choice Award. This award goes to a small fraction of WeddingWire vendors based solely on their clients' satisfaction with their experience. We believe in treating clients like family, and we look forward to continuing this in the future.

When you reserve the barn, you are signing up for the whole weekend, unlike most of the barns in the area where you only get the barn the night of your wedding, while the other nights of the weekend are packed with other weddings. Like Jill says, she wants it to be an amazing experience, not just a day. I would definitely recommend the Brule River Barn to anyone looking in the area!
— WeddingWire User, 8/17/14
My biggest regret ... is that we only rented the house/property for two nights. ... Everything was so much fun... so if I could do it all over again, I would like to have been on the property for several additional days. Your wedding event/weekend just flies by... and at least for me, it would have been cool to extend the event as long as possible and really soak it all in as it was such a great experience!
— Tom, 7/29/16
The Brule River Barn was perfect for our wedding! My wife fell in love with the place the minute we walked around. Jill is a wonderful person and great to work with. She has a passion for individualizing each wedding experience and cares about your experience as if you were her own son or daughter getting married.
— Martin, 6/18/15
Amazing!! Jill was SO amazing to work with, and she makes sure to make your day special. She is always open to your personal taste in adding to the barn, and the grounds are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I had so many compliments on the way that I decorated the barn and grounds, but those were the perks of having my wedding there—i didn’t have to do any of that!
— WeddingWire User, 8/17/14
We absolutely loved our wedding and couldn’t have picked somewhere more beautiful. Jill was very knowledgeable and keeps making improvements to the barn to make each day even more special. My guests love that there were so many different places to mingle so you weren’t stuck in only one place.
— Ally, 11/5/15